The Lincoln Moon


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The Lincoln Moon is the story of a farm family standing against racial injustice, only to be brought low by a charge of murder.

In 1857, nine-year old Truman Armstrong (nicknamed “Scrump” by his brother, Duff) is the happy son of Illinois dirt farmers, Jack and Hannah Armstrong. Scrump’s carefree childhood is scarred forever on the day he discovers a black body swinging from a tree. For Jack and Hannah, the crime is a call to conscience, so they secretly enlist as “station masters” along the underground railroad. But suddenly they are at risk of exposure when their older son, Duff, 19, is put on trial for murder. Writing to a friend who is more like a family, Jack appeals to an old family friend, Abe Lincoln. Lincoln, 49, takes the case against long odds.

Based on characters and events from The People v. Armstrong, The Lincoln Moon is a testament to family, friendships, faith and acts conscience in troubled times.

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